Frequently Asked Questions

My daughter’s alternator failed on Tuesday evening and my wife was recommended to contact Dave Hansen at Colorado Car Care Center. On Wednesday morning my wife went to see Dave and explained to him that my daughter’s car is her only form of transportation to work and to child care in Parker. Dave agreed to have the car towed in that day to begin work on the car. Dave called me to explain that, indeed, the alternator was defective, he told me the price of the alternator and explained that the alternator on the car is “buried” on the engine and explained what he anticipated the labor to be as the alternator is very hard to get to.
I authorized Dave to do the work and he said that the car should be ready late the following day. Around 1:30 on Thursday Dave called to say that the car is ready to be picked up and the total bill was as Dave thought that it would be prior to starting work.
The whole experience was top notch and I would highly recommend Dave and the Colorado Car Clinic to anyone.

Bill S.