Pre-Purchase Inspections

One service Colorado Car Clinic is happy to offer to regular customers is Pre-Purchase inspections. How many times have you seen a person on the news complaining that the used vehicle he just bought from a dealer was a “lemon?” Colorado Car Clinic customers are able to avoid buying bad vehicles by having the them inspected BEFORE making the purchase. While Dave and the crew are happy to have a look at the used vehicle you just bought, to check it for problems, the best time to get a used vehicle checked out is BEFORE you buy it, so you can avoid making a potentially costly mistake. 


Ordering a vehicle history report is a great idea, but it may not be enough to fully protect you before buying a used vehicle. Those reports only cover known problems. If a vehicle was damaged and the incident wasn’t reported to an insurer or fixed by a professional shop, there could be unreported damage to it. And such damage isn’t necessarily visible to an untrained eye. It’s also not unusual for a previous owner to trade a vehicle in when it starts acting up. Maybe the transmission has just started slipping. A professional Pre-Purchase Inspection can find problems like –


  • Signs of Poor Overall Vehicle Maintenance
  • Transmission Issues
  • Brake Problems
  • Suspension Trouble
  • Hidden Body Damage
  • Frame Damage
  • Water Damage
  • And more

Buying new?

Which new car, truck, van or SUV is right for you? Of course, Colorado Car Clinic works on all vehicles, foreign & domestic, gas, diesel, hybrid and electric. Some vehicles are more reliable than others. Some have higher maintenance and repair costs. As a Colorado Car Clinic customer, have a chat with our vehicle repair specialists about the vehicles you’re looking to buy.

Based on other reviews, I took a used car I was considering buying to Colorado Car Clinic for an inspection. Although the dealership provided me with a Carfax report on the car that showed no accidents, Dave discovered that it had body damage that had been repaired. He also reported that the a/c compressor was on its last legs. Altogether, about $2500 in repairs would be needed in the near future. The dealership was not willing to reduce the price in any significant way to make up for these deficiencies. I guess they figure they’ll sell it to some sucker who isn’t smart enough to get it checked out before buying.

Craig E.