Don’t let this happen to you. Your brakes are critical to the safety of your vehicle. As brakes age and wear, they’ll start to send messages, even before any warning lights appear on the dash. The brake parts on the left sent many signals to the driver before they got that rusty and dangerous. You may start to hear sounds, smell an odd smell, feel vibrations, notice that the brake pedal appears softer, or note an increase in braking distance. These are all signs that your brakes may need some professional attention now. Ignoring a brake problem or putting brake maintenance off can lead to dangerous or even catastrophic failure. In addition to the obvious danger, minor brake problems can cause additional, more expensive, problems. Stay safe and save money by contacting us when you notice an issue with your brakes.

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I failed two 2 emissions tests and then had a hard time finding a mechanic who was willing to work on a Volvo 240. Dave diagnosed it, gave me an estimate, and located hard to find parts. All this in one working day and the cost was $50 less than the estimate. Finally passed the emissions test. Highly recommended = Dave is really passionate about his work.
Jason Carr