Electrical Issues

Parasitic Battery DrainDave Hansen

Electrical issues can be enough to drive you crazy. Maybe you’ve replaced your battery and the charging system is fine, but you still have to jumpstart your vehicle occasionally. Lucky for you, Colorado Car Clinic always has an Electrical WizKid on duty to track down and expel those electrical demons. The crew at Colorado Car Clinic are experts at isolating the problem, finding the source and eliminating those annoying energy leaks.

Dave is the best. Smart, experienced, honest, and funny. I feel very safe with him looking after my car.

I have to update this review as Dave’s professionalism just hit a high that is quintessential of how he operates. I had trouble with a part (not his work, but the PART) he installed, and despite the fact that I have moved to Buffalo New York, he was johnny on the spot, working with my new mechanic to get the issue corrected. He shipped the replacement part, talked with the mechanic about the issue and generally made my part in the process completely painless. The expression “Do the right thing even when no one is watching” was made for Dave Hansen. You don’t need to look further for an exceptional mechanic.

Kat Carter