Charging System

Your charging system, including battery and alternator issues:

Your battery is dead, so you may think you need a new battery. In fact, they guy at the parts counter may even tell you that you do. Of course, parts stores want to sell parts and selling a battery to you is pretty easy when your battery is dead. So you buy the new battery and it also dies in a day or two. Then what? Of course, that means more down-time and more trips to the parts store where they’ll try to sell you more parts, maybe even the right one this time.

A dead battery isn’t always the problem; sometimes it’s just a symptom of a different problem. At Colorado Car Clinic, we have all the tools and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and replace only the failed parts and components in your charging system. In the end, an accurate diagnosis saves you time, money, downtime and aggravation.

Colorado Car Clinic is my go to mechanic for ALL my car needs. Dave, the owner, has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. He earned my business over 7 years ago and I never worry when I have to leave my car with him. He is trustworthy, honest and fast! Out of all the years I have brought my car to him I have only had to leave it with him overnight one time. Most of the time if I schedule the work that needs to be done he has it in and out in one day. I am a very happy customer.

Katie Glymin