Fluid Health

oil stains on concreteHealthy fluids are part of healthy systems. Dirty fluids no longer function properly and they perform the job they’re intended to do. Leaking fluids can be a sign of a potentially serious problem. Maintaining Healthy Fluids is vital to overall vehicle health and reliability. Keeping clean fluids in your vehicle, and having a solid set of maintenance records, can lead to increased longevity and higher resale or trade-in value, should you decide to sell it.

I have used CCC, and its owner Dave Hansen for years as do my 3 daughters and many others I have sent to him. He is honest and always discusses the problem before starting any work. He does superb repairs using high quality parts. If he replaces a water pump or alternator it will not die in a year because of using cheap parts. If your problem is not worth fixing he will tell you rather than simply going ahead. If you think you need something fixed or replaced and he doesn’t he will tell you. His prices are certainly reasonable for the high quality work and parts he provides. He can do all warranty work without voiding a warrant. DO NOT use dealer repair shops.

David S.