DiagnosticsEven the best maintained vehicles still break down on occasion. When breakdowns occur, Colorado Car Clinic has all of the tools needed to quickly and expertly diagnose the problem. Sure, the parts stores are able to pull codes from your vehicle’s computer, but what do those codes mean? A code in the computer could point to possible problems with multiple components within the system. Maybe only one part is bad; maybe there are multiple parts which need to be replaced. How can you tell which part is causing the problem? The guy at the parts counter just wants to sell you parts. If the first part he suggests doesn’t fix the issue, he’ll be happy to keep suggesting you buy more parts until you finally stumble upon the one that will fix your problem. But without a technician to fully test and accurately interpret the results, you’ll probably spend lots of money on parts that don’t even need to be replaced before you finally discover the actual bad part through the process of trial and error. Getting your diagnostics done by a parts store can be a real waste of time and money.

At Colorado Car Clinic, we never “throw parts” at the problem in hopes of eventually finding the one that’s actually bad. Our team of ASE Certified technicians has all of the latest tools and experience to quickly interpret diagnostic codes and then isolate and accurately identify the problem part or parts. And we use only quality parts to fix the problem right the first time – saving you both time and money in the end.