Dear Friends,

Thanks for checking out the Colorado Car Clinic. I would like to share some of the fun things going on around here and a little about what sets us apart from the competition.

At the beginning of the year Dave (the current owner) told me (Brian, long time Colorado Car Clinic lead technician) about his goal to build a shop in the mountains close to where he lives. Dave’s primary concern about passing on this business is the continuing care of our Customers (I call them Friends). The best solution was for me to remain at the Colorado Car Clinic. I have been a technician here since early 2014. It has been the tradition that the Colorado Car Clinic be passed down to the lead Technician. This is what happened in the early 2000’s when Dave bought the shop. Now it is my turn.

Bob (Robert Ellstrom) and his family have been customers/friends of Colorado Car Clinic for many years. Bob liked our business model so much that he and I dreamed of being able to take on this business to continue serving you, and now that dream is a reality. Bob is excited to be going into business with me. I will be overseeing all day to day operations of the shop and will personally Quality Check every repair made.

Positive changes for you include creating a more positive atmosphere around the shop—a new look out front as well as in our waiting area. Our goal is to create the best experience we can for all of you who visit. Of course, the best experience you have always had at the Colorado Car Clinic is peace of mind as you drive your vehicle, knowing that the work we do is necessary and done right. I personally promise this will not change!

We will be enhancing our social media presence as well. You will soon be able to find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Look for our YouTube channel (coming soon). We look forward to documenting some of our custom-built vehicles and to show you where the magic happens.

What sets Colorado Car Clinic apart from other automotive shops is our values and our honest approach to caring for your car. Many shops try to sell you everything between the bumpers, whether needed or not. We will always work with you to understand your vehicle needs, how you use it, and discuss recommendations that fit your driving habits to develop a plan of action. At Colorado Car Clinic, we know that our integrity in caring for your vehicles is what keeps you coming back. Safety and Reliability have always been, and will remain, our primary aim.

Many of you know that the classic cars that grace our bays sometimes give our shop the feel of a car museum. This will stay the same too. For all of our Friends on the waiting list to get in with your own special classic cars, you are still on that list.

As our social media presence grows, please review our shop. You will find links on It is important to us that your opinions are shared with us as well as others.

We look forward to serving your automotive needs in the future.

Brian Brockhausen

Robert Ellstrom