ASE CertifiedCoupon shoppers often use several different shops to service and repair their vehicles, choosing shops based on advertised specials rather than by shopping for quality service. Colorado Car Clinic doesn’t offer cheap coupon deals to get one-time coupon shopping customers in the door. Instead we prefer offer top-quality service at fair prices for all of our customers every day. When shops offer a cheap deal – maybe on an oil change or a brake job, they often advertise prices that are below their actual cost to provide the service. Since they’re not in business to lose money, these shops often cut corners with cheap parts and materials. And it probably won’t be an ASE Certified Technician doing the work. Then they’ll probably try to upsell you to a higher priced service or even suggest other services or repairs that your vehicle doesn’t even need. In the end, many customers find that after all the high-pressure sales and upselling, the cheap coupon deals actually end up costing much more than the regular priced service offered at Colorado Car Clinic.

The other disadvantage to coupon shopping for auto maintenance and repair is that no one shop has a regular set of eyes on your vehicle or a comprehensive set of maintenance and repair records. Since those coupon-driven shops are always trying to upsell, how do you know when you really need a suggested repair? At Colorado Car Clinic, our skilled technicians keep an eye on customer’s vehicles and make maintenance suggestions as we see problems beginning to develop. By catching little issues early, Colorado Car Clinic helps to increase performance and vehicle reliability, reduce inconvenience and down-time. By keeping the small issues from becoming bigger, we help our customers save money by eliminating the need for many of the more expensive repairs.